Badlands Toronto Paintball Airsoft Megastore

Badlands Toronto Paintball Airsoft Megastore

Badlands Toronto Paintball Airsoft Megastore
Badlands Paintball Toronto Megastore 

Open 5 Days a week. Shop at Badlands Paintball Toronto Mega Store. We stock thousands of products and hundreds of guns for Paintball and Airsoft. The Badlands Mega Store is the largest retail showroom for paintball in Canada

Badlands Paintball Toronto Megastore

37 Stoffel Drive, Unit 7
M9W 6A8

Phone: +1 (416) 245-4517

               +1 (416) 245-4084

Monday Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday - Friday: 11am - 7pm
Saturday: 11am - 6pm
Sunday: 12pm - 6pm

Available at this location:
  • Paintball & Airsoft Gear
  • High Pressure Air Fills & CO2 Fills
  • Soda Stream Gas Refills available (adapter required)

In-store inventory could vary from our online offering, please contact your local Badlands location to confirm availability. 

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In order to provide the best in-store shopping experience in Canada, we expanded the Toronto West location into a new Paintball Mega Store. You can shop for 1000’s of on-hand paintball and airsoft products. The Badlands Paintball Mega Store is a true one stop shop for everything paintball and airsoft related. No matter what style of play, the new Mega Store has it all. Beginner, recreational, scenario, tactical and tournament styles of gameplay - it is all available and on-hand. 


The paintball and airsoft gun walls at the Mega Store are jam packed with hundreds of guns on display with dedicated sections for tactical paintball, tournament paintball, and airsoft. With a majority of major brands, models, colours and configurations, the Toronto Paintball Mega Store has the largest on-hand stock of guns in Canada. 


To further enhance the shopping experience for GTA customers, Badlands staffed the store with multiple product experts to answer questions and showcase unique product features. Being able to touch and feel the product, see all of the options and interact with an expert offers a great in-store buying experience. 


A quote from Veteran professional paintball player, Rusty Glaze 
“Having all of these products on display makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. I remember when I used to drive to various stores all across town to see the various paintball guns the local stores stocked. Often times I was not able to find what I was looking for. Having thousands of products under one roof at the new Mega Store solves that problem. When people come to the Badlands Toronto Mega Store, they will find what they are looking for.” 


The Badlands Toronto Mega Store stocks all the major brands that Badlands is famous for, including GI Sportz, Vforce, Tippmann, Planet Eclipse, Tiberius Arms, Spyder, Empire, JT, DYE, Proto, GXG, HK Army, BT, Guardian, Killhouse Weapon Systems, Petrol, Ninja, Condor, Exalt, TechT, and many more.


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Local Phone: +1 (416) 245-4084

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In-store inventory could vary from our online offering, please contact your local Badlands location to confirm availability.

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