Condor Pocket Pouch - Black

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Condor Pocket Pouch

On the field it is often the individual or team that is most prepared who comes out on top. By using the Condor Pocket Pouch operators can focus on the big picture knowing that all the little things they need are safe and secure. The Condor Pocket Pouch is perfect for carrying all your extra items like pens, paper, small tools, memory sticks, phones or your music device. The pouch folds open revealing five elastic loops, two padded pockets and a flip down pouch with a space made for headphone wires. One more velcro closure pocket, perfect for change or batteries, can also be found on the front of the Condor Pocket Pouch. With a spare velcro patch on the front the Condor Pocket Pouch can also be customized with your team patch or colours. Take your game to the next level and have everything you need on the field with the Condor Pocket Pouch!


  • Durable zippers and construction
  • Mesh velcro closure pocket on front
  • Space for team patch
  • Fold out pocket for your music device and headphones
  • Two internal padded pockets
  • Internal elastic loops
  • Complete fold open design
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Condor Pocket Pouch

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