Get Sponsored


The Badlands Sponsorship Window is currently OPEN

Badlands is now accepting Sponsorship requests for the 2023  season.

A selection of sponsorship packages are available ranging from the full head-to-toe Eclipse sponsorships, G.I. Sportz Paintball packages providing team paint support, and special packages available to sponsored teams only, catered to their specific requirements.

Sponsorship support is available to both tournament-style and woodsball teams. Regardless of how you play paintball, let Badlands help you win!

Airsoft sponsorship is also available from Badlands

Applications should be sent via email to, and should always include the following information:

1. A team resume, listing all players (a minimum of 5 players is needed to qualify for team sponsorship packages)

2. A team schedule for 2021, listing the events in which your team will participate this season

3. The products you are interested in using.

4. A short letter stating what benefits your team can offer to Badlands/GI Sportz/Eclipse/Killhouse in return for a team sponsorship package.

5. A picture of your team.


The above information must be included with your request. If you just send an email saying 'wil u sponcer uz' you will not be considered as a serious candidate for support. This cannot be stressed enough!