Apex 150rd Pod 6 Pack - Light Smoke

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HK Army Apex 150rd Pod 6 Pack - Light Smoke

Treat yourselft to the pinnacle of pod technology with the HK Army Apex Pods, featuring state-of-the-art design elements like tapered edges for easy handling, an extra secure lid to keep contents safe, and premium robust materials for unparalleled durability. This is the pod system you can rely on for every game.

Take control of the battlefield and reduce reloading times with the high-capacity HK Army Apex Pod. Capable of holding up to 150 paintballs, it ensures your loader is always at maximum capacity, ready for action. The exterior boasts an anti-slip grip texture and strategic raised details, preventing slips and ensuring a firm hold every time. Stay in the game without interruption, thanks to the seamless reloads provided by the Apex Pod.

Designed with user experience in mind, the Apex Pod features a uniquely contoured top and optimized geometry for effortless insertion into your harness. Say goodbye to the hassle of fitting your pods into their holsters. The HK Army Apex Pod has been meticulously crafted to streamline your gear setup, making reloading swift and struggle-free.


  • Holds up to 150 paintball round capacity
  • Contoured Pod with enhanced geometry which makes inserting the pod into a harness holster much easier
  • Interior lid pad reduces rattling and better secures paintball without breaking the paintballs when closing the lid
  • Extra Secure lid system protects accidental openings while running, diving or removing the pod from your harness
  • Sleek, contoured surface geometry greatly reduces friction with pod ejection and insertion
  • Robust low-profile hinge system with torsion spring for a reliable, near-instant lid release
  • Anti-slip, groove-textured construction ensures a firm grip while pulling the pod from harness or reloading
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Apex 150rd Pod 6 Pack - Light Smoke

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