ASG Bersa BP9CC GBB 4.5mm Airgun Pistol

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  • ASG Bersa BP9CC GBB 4.5mm Airgun Pistol
  • ASG Bersa BP9CC GBB 4.5mm Airgun Pistol


ASG Bersa BP9CC GBB 4.5mm Airgun Pistol

Discover the precision and realism of the ASG Bersa BP9CC GBB 4.5mm Airgun Pistol, an exceptionally crafted replica of the popular Bersa BP9CC. This gas blowback (GBB) airgun is designed for enthusiasts who seek a realistic shooting experience, perfect for training, target shooting, or backyard plinking.

The ASG Bersa BP9CC features a full-metal slide and a lightweight, durable polymer frame that mimics the original firearm in both weight and balance, providing an authentic feel that enthusiasts will appreciate. The realistic blowback action of this airgun pistol simulates the movement of the slide with each shot fired, enhancing the realism and providing a tactile response similar to the actual firearm.

This airgun shoots 4.5mm steel BBs, making it an excellent choice for precision target shooting. The accuracy is further supported by a tight bore barrel that optimizes performance and improves shot consistency. With its double-action trigger, the ASG Bersa BP9CC offers a smooth and responsive shooting experience, which is ideal for both training scenarios and casual shooting.

Safety is a key feature of the Bersa BP9CC, equipped with an integrated safety mechanism that is easily accessible and simple to operate, ensuring safe handling during use. The ergonomic design of the grip fits comfortably in the hand, providing enhanced control and stability while shooting.

Additional features include a picatinny rail under the barrel, allowing for the attachment of various accessories such as lights and lasers, further expanding its utility and making it adaptable for different shooting conditions and preferences.

The ASG Bersa BP9CC GBB 4.5mm Airgun Pistol is not only a reliable and effective airgun for shooting enthusiasts but also an excellent training tool for those looking to familiarize themselves with the handling and operation of a compact firearm. Its combination of realistic features, high performance, and versatile design makes it a standout choice in the world of airgun pistols.


  • .177/4.5mm calibre BB
  • Semi-automatic airgun with blowback action
  • Lightweight, compact, and ultra-thin design
  • Ergonomically optimized for better handling and accuracy
  • Powered by a 12g CO2 cartridge (sold separately) for consistent performance
  • Easy-load system for hassle-free CO2 cartridge replacement
  • Removable 20-round stick magazine for quick BB reloading
  • Integrated Picatinny rail for tactical upgrades
  • Authentic BERSA markings and unique serial number
  • Velocity: 350 fps

Note: Eye protection must be worn when operating any air gun. We recommend Pyramex Safety goggles.

*Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this productFor target practice only. Can cause serious harm, if not used as intended.


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