ASG Storm Grenade 360 - Red

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  • ASG Storm Grenade 360 - Red

Quickly clear out a room and wreak havoc on your enemies with the Storm Grenade 360 from ASG. This next-level grenade can carry 100 BBs which disperse in a full 360° spay up to 32.8 feet, once players pull the pin and the grenade makes impact on a hard surface. Simply fill with Green Gas or propane, pour in your BBs, pull the pin, and watch as you take out all that stand in your wake. Constructed from a high density polymer, the Storm Grenade is extremely durable while remaining lightweight and easy to carry. The overall compact design of this grenade allows it to be carried in standard sized grenade pouches on your vest or pack. When all else fails and you're at the end of the line, feel confident you can still put up a fight when all else fails with help from the Storm Grenade 360 from ASG.


  • Color: Red  
  • Capacity: 100rd
  • Weight: .6lbs
  • Green Gas / Propane Powered
  • Durable High Density Polymer Construction
  • 100% Reusable
  • Full Metal Internal Parts
  • Disperses BBs in 360° spray up to 38.2 Feet 
  • Simple to Use: Insert Pin, Fill Grenade With Gas, & Pour in 100 BBs
  • Fits in Standard Sized Grenade Pouch
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  • ASG Storm Grenade 360 - Red
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