Cam Lever Lock Free-Floating 13ci Stock Black

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Cam Lever Lock Free-Floating 13ci Stock Black

Experience enhanced stability and performance with the Cam Lever Lock Free-Floating 13ci Stock Black, a state-of-the-art air buttstock designed to revolutionize your tactical gear setup. This universal stock is compatible with a variety of tank sizes including 13ci, 15ci, 17ci, 22ci, and 213cc, making it a perfect choice for players who run their CO2 or HPA tank directly into the back of their paintball or airsoft gun.

Crafted from robust polymer, the Cam Lever Lock Free-Floating 13ci Stock features a unique cam lever locking system that ensures a secure and solid fit around your HPA tank, eliminating any wobble or instability during use. This toolless lock mechanism is easy to operate, allowing for quick adjustments and reliable locking in high-intensity scenarios.

This stock is not only functional but also adds a professional look to your setup. It is engineered for both durability and comfort, with an ergonomic shape that fits naturally against the shoulder, providing excellent support and reducing fatigue during extended use.

Whether you're upgrading your recreational paintball marker or outfitting a competitive airsoft rifle with a Polar Star system, the Cam Lever Lock Free-Floating 13ci Stock Black is an excellent addition to your equipment. It offers the reliability, adaptability, and performance needed to take your playing experience to the next level.

*Tank in picture not included


  • Toolless design
  • Compatible with 13ci tanks, or any tank 2"/51mm diameter
  • Lightweight
  • 6.5" length
  • Perfect for Tippmann TMC and First Strike T15 paintball guns
  • Also compatible with:
    • 468 Paintball Gun
    • Tacamo Paintball Gun
    • RAP4 Paintball Gun
    • Milsig M17 M5 Paintball Gun
    • Valken M17 CQMF Paintball Gun
    • Tippmann Omega Paintball Gun
    • Valken Paintball Gun
    • Sig Sauer MCX Virtus
    • Polar Star Air System
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Additional Information

Short Description:

Minimalist Stock by Killhouse Weapon Systems - Black

NOTE: This item does not include a buffer tube. You will need an already existing buffer tube. 

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