DBAL-A2 Red & IR Laser Aiming Device

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  • DBAL-A2 Red & IR Laser Aiming Device
  • DBAL-A2 Red & IR Laser Aiming Device
  • DBAL-A2 Red & IR Laser Aiming Device


DBAL-A2 Red & IR Laser Aiming Device

The DBAL-A2 is engineered to provide users with a quick and efficient means of acquiring targets, under normal conditions with its red laser, or in covert operations using the IR laser with night vision devices. This dual capability ensures you have the tactical advantage in any scenario, enhancing your situational awareness and response time.

Constructed with durability in mind, the DBAL-A2 is housed in a rugged, weather-resistant body. Its compact design does not impede weapon handling, allowing for seamless integration with your existing setup. Easy to mount and adjust, the device fits a wide range of rifles equipped with Picatinny rails, ensuring broad compatibility.

Operation is intuitive, with clearly marked controls for quick selection between laser modes. The device also features adjustable windage and elevation, allowing for calibration to ensure your aiming point is accurate at various distances. This level of customization guarantees that you can fine-tune the lasers to meet the specific requirements of your mission or training exercise.

The DBAL-A2 Red & IR Laser Aiming Device not only boosts your targeting capabilities but also adds a layer of confidence to your tactical operations. Whether you're engaging in close-quarters scenarios, long-range engagements, or nighttime missions, the DBAL-A2 provides the precision and adaptability you need to achieve your objectives and maintain operational superiority.


  • High and low power modes of laser operation
  • Co-aligned visible and aiming lasers
  • Dust protected lasers with AR coated window glass
  • Precision co-aligned visible lasers
  • Integrated push button switch and remote cable pressure pad switch activation
  • Dimensions: 85mm x 70mm x 40mm
  • Battery: 1x CR123A
  • Laser Power: 5mW
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PEQ 15 LED Flashlight & Red Laser - Black

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