Dye Box Rotor Black

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  • Dye Box Rotor Black
  • Dye Box Rotor Black

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Dye Box Rotor Black

The Dye Box Rotor represents a significant advancement in paintball loader technology, combining a vertical magazine feed system with tournament-level performance rates and unmatched reliability. Originating from the highly regarded loader technology favored by top professional players globally, the Box Rotor maintains all the simplicity and durability of the original Rotor while introducing innovative features designed specifically for the ultimate scenario paintball marker, the DAM (Dye Assault Matrix).

The integration of the Box Rotor with the Dye DAM creates an optimal setup for any paintball player. This loader includes a user-friendly positive push button complemented by a bright LED display that clearly indicates whether the hopper is powered on or off. This setup simplifies the user experience by allowing quick transitions to magazine feed, providing the additional range necessary for critical eliminations without the need for extra attachments or modifications.

Enhancements to the Dye Box Rotor include a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that offers extended playtime and reliability, a substantial 325-ball capacity to keep you in the game longer, and an updated anti-jam feed arm that ensures a smooth, consistent flow of balls. Additionally, the loader features exclusive Wireless Sync compatibility with the Dye Assault Matrix, further streamlining operation and enhancing the tactical efficiency of your DAM paintball gun.

With these sophisticated upgrades, the Dye Box Rotor not only elevates your game with its technical superiority but also provides a seamless, efficient experience, making it an indispensable component of your paintball arsenal. Whether you are engaging in intense tournament play or enjoying a recreational day on the field, the Dye Box Rotor is designed to deliver performance, capacity, and convenience at every level.


  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
  • 325-Ball Capacity
  • Updated Anti-Jam Feed Arm
  • Wireless Sync (Dye Dam Only)


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Additional Information

Short Description:

Battery: 3AA - Sold Separately

Compatibility: Fits Standard Universal Feedneck

Capacity: 200 Rounds

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