EMF100 Milspec Buttstock Black

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EMF100 Milspec Buttstock Black

Elevate your Planet Eclipse EMF100 paintball gun with the advanced EMF100 Milspec Buttstock in Black, which includes a buffer tube and adapter for seamless mounting. This MIL-SPEC buttstock is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, offering a sleek, tactical appearance that complements the design of your paintball marker.

Crafted for performance, the collapsible buttstock features durable metal QD (Quick Detach) bases on both sides, providing a reliable attachment point for QD slings. This addition enhances maneuverability and readiness, allowing for rapid changes in sling configuration based on tactical needs. Furthermore, the stock includes multiple molded-in 1.5” sling loop slots, offering additional options for sling attachment to suit different styles of play.

For optimal user comfort and control, the buttstock is equipped with an integrated rubber butt pad. This design ensures a secure, non-slip fit against the shoulder, increasing stability during play.

The unique latch mechanism of this buttstock sets it apart, featuring a two-click operation for enhanced functionality. The first click permits quick and effortless adjustment of the stock's position, enabling you to customize the length according to your comfort and the specifics of the scenario. The second full click allows for rapid mounting and demounting from the buffer tube, facilitating easy customization and maintenance.

This 6-position adjustable stock is also designed to be lightweight, minimizing additional carry weight and maximizing agility and response time on the field. Whether you're engaged in intense competitive play or tactical training, the EMF100 Milspec Buttstock Black offers the perfect blend of comfort, adaptability, and tactical efficiency, making it an essential upgrade for any EMF100 paintball gun owner.


  • Fits securely to the EMF100
  • Milspec buffer tube
  • Lightweight
  • 6 position adjustment points
  • QD sling attachment points
  • Integrated 1.5" sling loop slots
  • Integrated rubber butt pad
  • Weight: 11oz
  • Length: 8 inches
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Planet Eclipse EMEK MG100 PWR Stock

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