Empire - Omega 4 Pod Paintball Harness Black/Black

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Empire - Omega 4 Pod Harness Black/Black

Pods not Included

The Empire - Omega 4 Pod Harness Black/Black is a great starter paintball pod harness at a great price. It securely carries up to 4 140 round pods that are easily pulled from their sleeves thanks to the elastic pod ejectors. Stylish colored piping and Empire pull-tab logos gives this paintball pod pack a hint of color, so you can match your team's colors. Made from strong and durable materials, this paintball harness will stand up to plenty of use.


  • 47 inch long elasticized Velcro-wrap comfort belt securely fits a 28 inch to 42 inch waist
  • No-slip padded back panel for comfort and improved fit
  • Strong, Empire logo pull tabs allow easy access to your pods
  • Rigid pod sleeves make loading and unloading pods easy
  • Elastic pod ejectors help your pods fall into your hand for quicker reloads
  • Pods not included
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Empire - Omega 4 Pod Harness Black/Black

Pods not Included
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