Exalt Bayonet Barrel Cover - Bunkeren

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Exalt Bayonet Barrel Cover - Bunkeren

Step up your game and safeguard your gear with the Exalt Bayonet Barrel Cover in the striking "Bunkeren" design. This high-quality barrel cover is an essential accessory for any paintball player who values safety and style on the field.

Made from rugged, durable rubber, the Exalt Bayonet Barrel Cover is designed to withstand the toughest conditions, offering reliable protection for your barrel's tip against bumps, drops, and scrapes. Featuring a large universal opening, it can easily fit on almost any standard paintball barrel, ensuring that accidental discharges are safely contained.

The "Bunkeren" theme adds a bold touch to your setup, featuring eye-catching graphics that stand out during play. Not only does it provide essential safety, but it also expresses your unique style and personality.

Easy to install and remove, this barrel cover slips on effortlessly and stays firmly in place during rigorous activity, thanks to its snug fit and durable construction. When not in use, it's compact enough to stow away in your gear bag, making it convenient for travel to and from the field.

Keep those around you safe and express your style with the Exalt Bayonet Barrel Cover. It's the perfect blend of functionality, durability, and visual appeal, making it a must-have for your paintball equipment collection.


  • Durable Rubber Construction
  • Adjustable Retention Cord
  • Replaceable Retention Cord
  • Conical Shape - Improves paint breakage 
  • Custom Design
  • Fits: Standard .50cal/.68cal Barrels
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Additional Information

Short Description:
  • Safety: Elastic Retention
  • Material: Durable Rubber
  • Fits: Standard .50cal/.68cal Barrels
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