Gate NanoASR Airsoft MOSFET Unit

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Gate NanoASR Airsoft MOSFET Unit

Enhance your airsoft experience with the Gate NanoASR, the most compact and reliable MOSFET unit designed to take your airsoft gun's performance to the next level.

The Gate NanoASR MOSFET is engineered to protect your airsoft gun's trigger contacts from damage due to high electrical currents, significantly extending the lifespan of your weapon. It also ensures a faster trigger response, giving you a competitive edge in fast-paced skirmishes where every second counts.

The NanoASR's compact size means it can easily fit into a wide range of airsoft guns without the need for extensive modifications. Once installed, you'll notice an immediate improvement in performance, with smoother trigger action and enhanced rate of fire.

The upgraded MOSFET ensures unparalleled reliability during gameplay, providing comprehensive protection against overheating and short-circuits within the electrical system. Should your rifle encounter a jam, this advanced feature safeguards both the motor and the battery from any damage, ensuring your equipment remains in top condition even under stress.

The digital interface ensures seamless compatibility with micro-switches and eliminates contact bounce. This enhancement leads to a faster rate of fire, quicker trigger responses, and reduces heat buildup in your MOSFET, optimizing overall performance.


  • Highest quality basic MOSFET on the market
  • The NanoASR is the latest standard 3rd generation mosfet and offers the most up to date transistors and microprocessors
  • Includes 2 wiring harnesses: 1 basic, and 1 advanced
  • Can Handle 7.2v to 14.4v Batteries
  • Weather resistant
  • Wiring, Deans plugs, and heat shrink tubing included
  • Dimensions: 42mm x 19mm x 9mm
  • Compatible with all AEG airsoft rifles
  • Installation required (requires soldering)
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Gate NanoASR Airsoft MOSFET Unit

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