HK Army Alpha Air 77CI / 4500psi Air System Red/Black

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  • HK Army Alpha Air 77CI / 4500psi Air System Red/Black as seen on Badlands Paintball
  • HK Army Alpha Air 77CI / 4500psi Air System Red/Black as seen on Badlands Paintball
  • Alpha Air Size Chart


HK Army Alpha Air 77CI / 4500psi Air System Red/Black

Introducing the HK Army Alpha Air Bottles, a breakthrough in lightweight air tank technology for the paintball and airsoft industry. Crafted to be the most lightweight carbon fiber wrapped tanks HK Army has ever unveiled, these bottles set a new benchmark for balancing minimal weight with maximum capacity.

The innovative design of the Alpha Air bottles ensures a more compact form than any other tank in its class, enabling enhanced air storage capacity without the bulk. This forward-thinking approach allows players to carry more air while still promoting speed and flexibility during gameplay.

Adhering to the stringent DOT/TC-UN(ISO11119-2) safety regulations, these air bottles meet high standards for durability and reliability. An Independent Inspection Agency meticulously inspects and approves each bottle, offering users added assurance of their safety on the field.

With certifications spanning three regions/countries and constructed following ISO guidelines, the Alpha Air bottles stand out for their global adaptability. Paintball and airsoft players around the world can experience the pinnacle of air tank innovation, backed by HK Army's commitment to excellence. Gear up with the Alpha Air bottles and experience unparalleled lightness and performance, letting you focus on winning with confidence and ease.

The HK Army Alpha Air Systems come equipped with the new HK Army Alpha Air Regulator, designed for optimal performance. 

Made from robust aircraft-grade aluminum, this regulator is not only tough but also boasts attractive knurled detailing on the bonnet for improved grip and visual appeal.

Pre-set to a standard 800psi output pressure, the regulator enhances the versatility and precision of your paintball setup. An innovative grip accent band on the bonnet clearly indicates the operating pressure level, either low or high, ensuring you can quickly assess your tank's setting. Thanks to its high 4500psi fill capacity, you're set for prolonged sessions without the need for frequent refills.

The regulator features a vibrant full-color gauge, allowing for easy monitoring of your air supply to keep you at the ready at all times. Dual O-rings at the top of the regulator create a tight seal, significantly reducing the chance of air leakage when connecting to your marker. Additionally, the included fill valve cover offers extra protection against contaminants, keeping the air fill valve clean and functional.


  • Lightest air bottles ever released by HK Army
  • 4500psi air input capacity
  • Smaller size compared to other tanks on the market
  • Painted carbon fiber wrapped bottle with printed graphics
  • 5 year hydro
  • Increased air storage capacity without the need for oversized bottles
  • Built to DOT/TC-UN(ISO11119-2) regulations for safety and reliability
  • Inspected and approved by an Independent Inspection Agency
  • Certified for use in three regions/countries (USA, Europe, Canada)
  • Manufactured according to ISO standards for global compatibility
  • Suitable for both paintball and airsoft use worldwide

77ci Size Specs: (Bottle Only)

  • 4500psi air input capacity
  • Diameter 4.4in / 112mm
  • Length 9in / 228mm
  • Weight 1lb 12oz / 0.9kgs

Features of the Alpha Air Regulator:

  • Reliable performance with constant output air flow
  • Easily screws onto all compressed air bottles made for paintball or airsoft
  • Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum for durability
  • Knurled machined detailing on bonnet for an enhanced look
  • Standard output pressure of 800psi
  • Functional grip accent band that indicates high or low pressure
  • Maximum fill capacity of 4500psi
  • Full-color gauge for monitoring air levels
  • Dual O-rings on top ensure you will not break orings when screwing your air system on your marker
  • Included fill valve cover prevents dirt and debris from building up in the in the fill valve
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HK Army Extra Lite Carbon Fiber Tank 36ci / 4500psi - Black

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