HK Army Exo Headband Case - Black

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HK Army Exo Headband Case - Black

The EXO Headband Hard Case is a protective case designed to safeguard and carry your most treasured headbands. The four elastic bands inside the case securely hold up to two headbands on the left and right sides of the case. The case will keep your headbands in pristine condition while packed away or clipped onto your gear bag. Dual velcro patch zones allow for the exterior of the case to be customized with your favorite velcro patches.


  • Hard shell durable exterior to help prevent damage to your headband
  • Dual elastic bands hold headbands in place in the left and right side of the case
  • Slim low profile design
  • Heavy-duty zipper
  • Microfiber lining on the interior which helps absorb any excess dust or dirt
  • HK Army carabiner carry clip
  • HK Army velcro patch
  • Dual velcro patch zones
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HK Army Exo Headband Case - Black

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