HK Army LAZR NOVA Cocker Black Inserts - Black

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Featuring exterior-precision milling, the "Nova" LAZR Elite Barrel Kit makes a stellar enhancement to your marker aesthetic while delivering ball-on-ball accuracy and reduced sound signature. With 8 bore inserts to choose from, simply size your paintballs with the included bore sizer and slide the perfectly matched bore insert into the barrel back.

The LAZR Elite "Nova" Barrel Kit comes complete with 8 Barrel Bore Inserts, an Elite Barrel Tip, Bore Sizer and 4 interchangeable Accent Grips. The LAZR Elite Barrel Kit is packaged with an HK Army EXO Barrel Protective Case.


  • Custom Elite "Nova" exterior milling and precision-honed barrel tip.
  • Barrel Inserts in bore sizes .678, .680, .682, .684, .686, .688, .690, .692
  • 2-piece barrel system constructed of quality-grade aluminum. 
  • 4 interchangeable colored back barrel Accent Grips (red, blue, black, grey) 
  • Paintball Bore Sizer to ensure that the proper bore size is used.
  • Porting designed to increase accuracy and lower the sound signature
  • Hard-shell EXO Protective Barrel Case with zipper closure
  • Autococker Threading. Barrel also fits with Axe, Shocker, Planet Eclipse Markers, Dye Markers, VCOM, Mac Dev Markers, Field One and Vanquish, SABR.
  • 15" Total Length
  • 8" Barrel Insert
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HK Army LAZR Elite Orbit Barrel Kit Cocker - Red/Coloured Inserts

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