ICS Lightway Peleador III S3 - Black

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ICS Lightway Peleador III S3 - Black Airsoft Gun

Experience the next level of airsoft performance with the ICS Lightway Peleador III S3 - Black Airsoft Gun. This advanced model combines cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design to deliver exceptional results for both competitive and recreational players.

Lightweight Design: The ICS Lightway Peleador III S3 is crafted from a high-strength polymer, making it incredibly light yet durable enough to withstand intense battlefield conditions. This lightweight construction enhances player agility and stamina, allowing for quicker movements and longer play without fatigue.

Advanced S3 Electronic Trigger System: At the heart of the Peleador III S3 is the innovative S3 electronic trigger system, which provides a faster response and greater trigger sensitivity. This feature allows for precise shooting, enabling players to hit their targets with remarkable accuracy.

Split Gearbox Technology: ICS's signature split gearbox design is a standout feature that offers unparalleled convenience for maintenance and upgrades. This modular approach simplifies the process of customizing or repairing the gun, significantly reducing downtime and keeping you in the game.

Versatile Customization Options: Equipped with a comprehensive rail system, the Peleador III S3 allows for extensive customization. Attach scopes, grips, lasers, and other tactical accessories with ease, tailoring your weapon to suit your specific needs and strategies.

Ergonomic Comfort: Designed with the user in mind, the Peleador III S3 features an ergonomically shaped grip and stock, which provide superior comfort and control during use. This ergonomic design helps improve overall handling and stability, making it easier to maintain accuracy during extended engagements.

Whether you are stepping into a skirmish or honing your shooting skills, the ICS Lightway Peleador III S3 - Black Airsoft Gun is your go-to choice for a high-performance, versatile, and comfortable airsoft experience. It's not just an airsoft gun; it's a powerful tool designed to elevate your game.

  • SSS.III E-trigger system
  • Smart Trigger & Pre-cocking Function
  • Titan T-Dean Plug
  • Lightweight M-LOK Polymer Handguard
  • Large Battery Compartment ERGO Stock
  • MASTER AL6061 Cylinder Head & Piston Head & Air Nozzle
  • MASTER Hop Tensioner Nub
  • ICS Split Gearbox
  • QD Spring Guide Design
  • Realistic Assist knob Piston Spring Release  Function
  • Competition Short Stroke Flat Trigger
  • Lightweight  Aluminum Outer Barrel
  • Metal Stock Tube

*Oversized Item - Additional Fees Apply

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Additional Information

Short Description:
  • Battery and Charger: Sold Separately
  • Magazine Capacity: 300 Rounds
  • Velocity: 366 + fps
  • Magazine Type: M4 / M16
  • Recommended Battery: LIPO 11.1V 1300mAh Stick 20C Airsoft Battery
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