JT Spectra Proflex Paintball Mask Black

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JT Spectra Proflex Paintball Mask Black


Step into the game with the JT Spectra Proflex Paintball Mask, a high-performance upgrade built on the legendary Spectra Proshield platform. This mask is renowned among paintball enthusiasts for its blend of comfort, protection, and tactical advantage, making it an excellent choice for players at all levels.

The JT Spectra Proflex distinguishes itself with a soft, flexible lower face shield, designed to enhance your gameplay strategically. This innovative feature increases the likelihood of paintballs bouncing off the mask rather than breaking upon impact. It also allows you to sight down your barrel more easily, where a rigid lower faceshield might interfere.

Visibility is a paramount feature in the Spectra Proflex, offering a 260-degree field of vision through a thermal lens that resists fogging under any playing conditions. The wide-angle view ensures you can see opponents and obstacles clearly, providing a tactical advantage whether you’re navigating tight spots or open fields.

For comfort, the mask includes soft ear armor, which reduces the overall weight and gives it a smaller profile compared to the regular Spectra Proshield. This lighter design contributes to greater mobility and comfort, particularly during extended play sessions, without sacrificing auditory clarity or protection.

The Spectra Proflex is also highly customizable, with easily interchangeable parts like the lens and the strap, allowing players to adjust the mask for both functionality and style. Its durable construction and modular design make it a practical choice for those who value longevity and adaptability in their gear.

Overall, the JT Spectra Proflex Paintball Mask provides an exceptional combination of strategic design features, superior visibility, and user comfort, making it a standout choice for any player looking to enhance their game with a reliable, high-quality mask.


  • Uses Spectra Lenses
  • Flexible lower face shield makes paintball bounces more likely
  • Soft ear armor lightens mask and reduces profile
  • Favored among pro paintball players
  • Thermal no-fog lens
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Additional Information

Short Description:

Safety: ASTM Certified - Paintball / Airsoft

Size: One Size Fits Most - Adjustable Strap

Lens: Anti-Fog Dual Pane Thermal - Clear

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