JT Splatmaster Z18 Paintball Gun w/ Hopper

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JT Splatmaster Z18 w/ Hopper

JT SplatMaster is an active, backyard shooting activity for the entire family with a 9+ age rating. JT SplatMaster is a low impact product that shoots color filled round Ammo, resulting in a Splat. The Ammo is 100% biodegradable, non toxic, resists stains, and easily washes away with water. The spring loaded SplatMasters shoot up to 100+ feet, and have marksman accuracy up to 50 feet. Safe, fun, accurate – Get in the Game with JT SplatMaster!
Features Include:
  • Adjustable Shoulder Stock For Stable Aim
  • Marksman Accuracy Up To 50 Feet
  • Shoots Up To 100 Feet
  • Spring Action Firing Mechanism
  • No Batteries or CO2 Needed
  • Easy To Service Maintenance Door
  • Same Clips As A TMC 50 Cal Magazine
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JT Splatmaster Z18 w/ Hopper

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