Laylax Block 14mm CCW Flash Hider - Black

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Laylax Block 14mm CCW Flash Hider - Black

Give your airsoft gun a unique and playful appearance with the Laylax Block 14mm CCW Flash Hider in black. This premium flash hider is designed for airsoft enthusiasts with a sense of humor. If you didn't play with LEGO® as a kid, and are dull and boring, then don't buy this product. Or, maybe, buy this product so that people will stop thinking that you are dull and boring. Couldn't hurt, either way.

Featuring a 14mm counter-clockwise (CCW) thread, this flash hider offers universal compatibility with most airsoft guns equipped with standard CCW threading, making installation quick and effortless. Its unique block design allows to customize your airsoft gun using popular building blocks, like LEGO®, and others.


  • Plastic construction that is similar to other popular building blocks
  • The new Laylax Block Arms interface allows you to bring new modularity and customization to your airsoft rifles
  • Easily attaches onto standard airsoft 14mm CCW threads
  • Highly compatible with commercial building blocks like LEGO®
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Laylax Block 14mm CCW Flash Hider Black

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