MCS HDR/TR50/HDB Air Tank Adapter

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MCS HDR/TR50/HDB Air Tank Adapter

Unlock the full potential of your paintball marker with the MCS HDR/TR50/HDB Air Tank Adapter, a game-changing accessory designed to enhance your shooting experience. This innovative adapter allows you to connect a standard air tank directly to your HDR, TR50, or HDB paintball marker, providing a consistent and reliable air source for extended play.

Gone are the days of relying solely on disposable CO2 cartridges. The MCS Air Tank Adapter offers a more sustainable and cost-effective solution, enabling you to refill and reuse your air tank, reducing waste and saving money in the long run. This adapter is perfect for players who participate in prolonged sessions and demand the utmost efficiency and reliability from their equipment.

Crafted with precision, the MCS HDR/TR50/HDB Air Tank Adapter is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. Its design is both sleek and functional, ensuring a seamless fit with your marker without adding unnecessary bulk or weight. Installation is straightforward, requiring no special tools or modifications, allowing you to quickly upgrade your marker and get back into the game.

The adapter's compatibility with a wide range of air tanks adds a level of versatility and convenience, making it easier than ever to find a compatible air source no matter where you play. Whether you're at your local field or participating in a tournament, you can count on the MCS Air Tank Adapter to keep your marker powered and ready for action.

Elevate your paintball game with the MCS HDR/TR50/HDB Air Tank Adapter and enjoy the benefits of a more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective air system. This adapter is a must-have for any serious paintball player looking to optimize their marker's performance and enjoy uninterrupted play.


  • Allows you to use any standard paintball air tank
  • Compatible with CO2 and compressed air (HPA) systems
  • Save money and waste by using a reflilable cylinder, rather than 12gram CO2 cartridges
  • Compatible with remote line adapters; just attach the existing remote adapter you already have and connect to your air line. 

Compatible with:

  • TR50 Revolver
  • HDR 50 Revolver
  • HDR 68 Revolver
  • HDS Shotgun
  • HDB Shotgun
  • HDP 50 Pistol
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MCS HDR/TR50/HDB Air Tank Adapter

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