Ninja 50/4500 Paintball Tank - Grey Lite

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Ninja 50/4500 Paintball Tank - Grey Lite

Experience the perfect balance of size and performance with the Ninja 50/4500 Paintball Tank in Grey Lite. This tank is especially popular among younger and smaller players due to its manageable size and weight, providing a comfortable fit and easier handling during gameplay.

The Ninja 50/4500 tank is an excellent choice for most paintball players, offering a substantial air capacity of 4500 psi within a 50 cubic inch tank. This size is not only easier to maneuver with but also provides an impressive 800-1000 shots per fill, making it a reliable choice for extended play sessions without frequent refills.

Constructed with high-quality materials, this tank features a durable build that withstands the rigors of active paintball engagements. The Grey Lite color offers a sleek, understated look that pairs well with various paintball markers and gear setups, ensuring your equipment looks as good as it performs.

Whether you're diving into paintball for the first time or are a seasoned player looking for a tank that offers ease of movement without sacrificing shot capacity, the Ninja 50/4500 Paintball Tank in Grey Lite is an ideal solution. Its blend of lightweight design, ample shot capacity, and robust construction makes it a must-have in your paintball arsenal, enhancing your game with reliability and style.

  • Legendary Ninja SPA Regulator
  • New Ball Valve Seal
  • 30% Increased Flow
  • Improved seal integrity
  • Sonic Recharge Technology (SPT) piston, a plated aluminum piston that produces an industry leading recharge rate and virtually eliminates reg shoot down
  • Shim Pressure Adjustment (SPA) that changes output pressure by adding or removing shims, not springs or pistons
  • Mini Fill Valve, a non-wrist digging, low profile design
  • Completely rebuildable by the end user
  • Every regulator is hand crafted and factory tested
  • Super low response curve 0-50 psi from full to empty
  • Made in USA

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Additional Information

Short Description:

Safety: D.O.T. and TC Approved

Tank: HPA Carbon Fiber

Air Valve Threads: Universal

Compatibility: ALL Guns

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