Planet Eclipse CS3 Spare Parts Kit

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  • Planet Eclipse CS3 Spare Parts Kit
  • Planet Eclipse CS3 Spare Parts Kit


Planet Eclipse CS3 Spare Parts Kit

Ensure your Planet Eclipse CS3 paintball gun stays in peak condition with the Planet Eclipse CS3 Spare Parts Kit, a comprehensive collection of essential components designed to maintain optimal performance. This kit is a must-have for serious paintball players who understand the importance of regular maintenance and prompt repairs.

The Planet Eclipse CS3 Spare Parts Kit includes an extensive array of replacement parts specifically tailored for the CS3 paintball marker. From O-rings and seals to springs and screws, each component has been carefully selected to match the specifications and requirements of your CS3, ensuring perfect compatibility and reliable functionality.

This kit not only provides the parts needed for routine upkeep but also for addressing unexpected breakdowns and wear-related issues that can occur during intense gameplay. Having these parts on hand minimizes downtime, allowing for quick, on-site repairs that get you back in action without missing a beat.

Each item in the Planet Eclipse CS3 Spare Parts Kit is engineered to preserve the integrity and performance of your paintball marker, ensuring that it operates smoothly and efficiently. Whether you're at home or on the field, this kit provides a practical solution to maintaining your CS3 in excellent condition.

Investing in the Planet Eclipse CS3 Spare Parts Kit is a wise decision for any dedicated player. It not only extends the life of your marker but also enhances your overall playing experience by ensuring that your equipment is always ready and reliable. Keep your CS3 performing like new, match after match, with this indispensable kit.


  • 2x 004 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • 2x 005 NBR 90 O-Ring
  • 2x 007 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • 2x 008 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • 2x 010 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • 2x 011 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • 2x 012 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • 2x 013 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • 2x 014 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • 2x 015 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • 2x 015 NBR 90 O-Ring
  • 2x 016 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • 2x 017 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • 2x 020 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • 2x 021 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • 2x 4x1 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • 2x 6x1 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • 2x 6x1.5 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • 2x 8x1 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • 2x 14x2 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • 2x 20x1.2 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • 2x 6-32 x 0.25" Socket Counter Sunk Screw
  • 2x Reg Relief Spring
  • 2x SL3 Purge Poppet
  • 2x SL3 Reg Seal
  • 4x M2.5 x 8 Screw with Spring Washer
  • 2x Ego Mk2 Ball Detents
  • 2x GEO CS1 Eye Cover Clip
  • 2x 10-32 UNF x 3/8" Buttonhead Screw Patched
  • 2x Gtek Solenoid Gasket
  • 2x GEO CS1 #6 Solenoid O-Ring
  • 2x GEO CS1 POPS Seal
  • 2x Etha2 Rear Solenoid Gasket
  • 2x GEO CS2 Battery Jumper
  • 2x M1.6 x 5 Counter Sunk Machine Screw Slotted
  • 2x CS2 BS Lightpipe Bracket
  • 2x CS2 BS Lightpipe
  • 2x Geo3.1 Frame Filter
  • 1x 5mm Ball Bearing

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Planet Eclipse CS3 Spare Parts Kit

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