Planet Eclipse MG100 PWR Stock - HDE Earth

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Planet Eclipse MG100 PWR Stock - HDE Earth

Elevate your paintball game with the Planet Eclipse EMEK MG100 PWR Stock, designed to enhance the performance of your Eclipse EMF100 paintball gun with a blend of durability and practical features. Constructed from tough and lightweight GRN (Glass Reinforced Nylon), this stock is engineered to endure the rigorous demands of active paintball play while maintaining a manageable weight.

The EMEK MG100 PWR Stock is versatile and highly adaptable, fitting not only the EMEK MG100/EMF100 but also compatible with EMEK models that have the EMC Kit installed, as well as the Etha2 with the EMC Kit. Its compatibility with 13/3000 tanks, or any tanks up to 2 inches (51mm) in diameter, makes it a flexible choice for various configurations and playing styles.

Featuring 11 adjustment points, the stock allows for a highly customized fit, enabling you to modify the length and feel according to your personal preferences or tactical needs during play. This adjustability is key for improving the ergonomics of your marker, ensuring you can maintain comfort and accuracy throughout long game play.

The design of the PWR Stock not only boosts performance but also adds a tactical aesthetic to your EMF100 paintball gun. The HDE Earth finish and the robust structure of the GRN material offer both style and function, enhancing the overall look of your paintball setup.

Perfect for players looking to upgrade their marker with a stock that offers durability, adaptability, and enhanced performance, the Planet Eclipse EMEK MG100 PWR Stock is an indispensable addition to your paintball gear. Equip your Eclipse EMF100 paintball gun with this high-quality stock and experience improved stability and control in every game.


  • Tough & light GRN (Glass Reinforced Nylon) construction
  • Compatible with 13/3000 Tanks, or tanks up to 2"/51mm in diameter
  • 11 adjustment points
  • Works with EMF100, EMEKs with EMC Kit installed, Etha2 with EMC Kit installed.
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Planet Eclipse MG100 PWR Stock - HDE Earth

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