Tippmann Vantage Paintball Marker

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Tippmann Vantage Paintball Gun

Experience the Tippmann Vantage Paintball Marker, a robust and reliable choice designed to meet the needs of both beginners and intermediate players. This paintball gun stands out for its durable construction and user-friendly features, making it an excellent option for anyone entering the sport or looking to upgrade their equipment.

The Vantage is known for its rugged construction, featuring a high-impact composite body that can endure the challenges of intense gameplay. Its semi-automatic firing mode strikes a perfect balance between firepower and precision, allowing for consistently accurate shots. Additionally, the marker is equipped with a built-in vertical foregrip which enhances control and stability, helping you maintain accuracy even during dynamic and fast-paced matches.

Another key advantage of the Vantage is its internal gas line which supports both CO2 and HPA compressed air systems, offering flexibility and convenience for different playing conditions and preferences. This feature ensures a clean and streamlined design, reducing the risk of snags and entanglements on the field.

With its straightforward operation, robust build, and affordable price point, the Tippmann Vantage Paintball Marker is an outstanding choice for players seeking a dependable, accessible, and effective paintball gun. 


  • Two-Tone Overmold Design
  • In-Line Bolt System
  • Internal Gasline
  • Center Feed Design
  • Rigid, Ergonomically Designed Front Grip
  • High-Impact Composite Body
  • High Performance Ported Barrel
  • Ultra Compatible - Works With Compressed Air, HPA and CO2

Air Tank: CO2 or HPA Compatible

Hopper Feedneck: Universal

Barrel Thread:  A5 Thread

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  • Tippmann Vantage Paintball Marker
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