Umarex Legends MP40 Full-Auto CO2 .4.5mm BB Gun

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Umarex Legends MP40 Full-Auto CO2 .4.5mm BB Gun

Immerse yourself in historical warfare with the Umarex Legends MP40 Full-Auto CO2 4.5mm BB Gun, a faithful reproduction of the famous World War II submachine gun used by German forces. This airgun is perfect for history buffs and collectors alike who crave authenticity combined with the thrill of shooting.

The Umarex Legends MP40 features a full-auto firing mode, delivering an exhilarating experience as you unleash rounds just like the original. Powered by two CO2 cartridges, this BB gun fires 4.5mm steel BBs at a high rate, mimicking the rapid-fire capability that made the original MP40 renowned on the battlefields of the past.

Constructed with a metal frame and folding stock, the MP40 airgun not only looks like the genuine article but feels like it too, with significant heft and solid construction that enhances its realism. The weathered finish adds to its historical authenticity, giving it the appearance of a well-used and battle-worn relic.

The magazine of the MP40 holds 52 rounds, allowing for extended firing sessions before needing to reload. The smooth operation and reliable performance make it a joy to shoot, whether you're engaging in target practice, participating in reenactments, or displaying it as part of a historical collection.

The Umarex Legends MP40 Full-Auto CO2 4.5mm BB Gun is not just a tool for shooting; it's a piece of history. This airgun offers both the excitement of full-auto firing and a tangible connection to World War II history, making it a must-have for anyone passionate about historical firearms.

  • .177/4.5mm Caliber BB
  • Powered by 2 x 12G CO2 Cartridges (not included)
  • Folding Stock
  • Fixed Iron Sights
  • Drop Free 52 BB Magazine
  • Semi or Full-Auto Modes

Note: Eye protection must be worn when operating any air gun. We recommend Pyramex Safety goggles.

*Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this productFor target practice only. Can cause serious harm, if not used as intended.

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  • Umarex Legends MP Full Auto CO2 .177 BB Gun
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