Umarex Ruger Mark IV Spring-Piston .177 Pellet Pistol

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Umarex Ruger Mark IV Spring-Piston .177 Pellet Pistol

Enhance your target shooting experience with the Umarex Ruger Mark IV Spring-Piston .177 Pellet Pistol. This meticulously crafted replica of the iconic Ruger Mark IV combines classic design with modern airgun technology, providing an accessible and enjoyable shooting experience for enthusiasts of all levels.

The Umarex Ruger Mark IV is powered by a reliable spring-piston mechanism that delivers .177 caliber pellets with precision and consistency. The single-stroke action is easy to use, making it perfect for beginners and seasoned shooters alike who are looking for a straightforward and effective target shooting tool.

This air pistol features a sleek, full-metal body that not only gives it a substantial feel and durability but also replicates the classic aesthetics of the original Ruger Mark IV. The attention to detail extends to the ergonomically designed grip, which fits comfortably in the hand, providing a stable and secure hold for improved accuracy.

The Umarex Ruger Mark IV also includes several practical features aimed at enhancing its usability. It comes equipped with an adjustable rear sight and a fixed front sight, allowing shooters to fine-tune their aim to accommodate different shooting conditions. The manual safety mechanism adds an extra layer of security, making it safer to handle and operate.

Ideal for backyard plinking, target practice, or as a training tool, the Umarex Ruger Mark IV Spring-Piston .177 Pellet Pistol offers a fun and economical way to practice shooting without the need for frequent range visits or expensive ammunition. Its robust construction and dependable performance make it a standout choice for anyone looking to enjoy the art of shooting with an air pistol that mimics the charm and challenge of a real firearm.


  • .177 Break Barrel Pellet Pistol
  • Spring piston powered
  • Smooth/Checkered Grip Panels
  • Fiber Optic Front Sight
  • Single Stage Trigger
  • Automatic/Manual Thumb Safety
  • Shoots .177 Caliber Pellets or BBs
  • Classic Ruger Mark IV Styling
  • 360 FPS velocity with 7-grain lead pellet

Note: Eye protection must be worn when operating any air gun. We recommend Pyramex Safety goggles.

*Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this productFor target practice only. Can cause serious harm, if not used as intended.

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Umarex Ruger Mark IV Spring-Piston .177 Pellet Pistol

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