Umarex Tactical Force 6XP GBB Airsoft Pistol - Black

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Umarex Tactical Force 6XP GBB Airsoft Pistol - Black

Discover the power and precision of the Umarex Tactical Force 6XP GBB Airsoft Pistol in sleek black. This robust and reliable airsoft sidearm is designed for serious players seeking a high-performance weapon with the look and feel of real-world tactical gear.

The Tactical Force 6XP features gas blowback (GBB) functionality, which provides a realistic shooting experience by mimicking the recoil and slide action of a real firearm. This not only enhances the authenticity of your airsoft battles but also improves your training capabilities if you're practicing for real-world tactical situations.

Constructed with a durable polymer frame, the 6XP is lightweight yet resilient under tough conditions. Its full-metal slide not only adds a realistic weight to the pistol but also ensures long-lasting durability and smooth operation. The pistol's black finish gives it a tactical look that blends well in any combat scenario and matches a wide range of gear.

Designed for versatility, the Tactical Force 6XP is equipped with an integrated Picatinny rail under the barrel, allowing you to easily attach a variety of accessories such as lights and lasers. This feature makes the pistol adaptable to different tactical situations, enhancing both its functionality and your performance on the field.

The pistol's magazine holds 15 rounds, providing a good balance between capacity and ease of handling. The ergonomic design of the grip ensures a comfortable hold and stable shooting experience, reducing fatigue during extended skirmishes.

Ideal for competitive airsoft matches, tactical training, or backyard plinking, the Umarex Tactical Force 6XP GBB Airsoft Pistol is a reliable and stylish choice that delivers exceptional performance and a realistic handling experience for any enthusiast looking to elevate their airsoft game.


  • 12g CO2 Power
  • Blowback Action
  • 15 Round Stick Magazine
  • Picatinny Rail
  • Polymer Frame
  • Metal Slide
  • 380 FPS with .20g BBs
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