Virtue Spire V Loader - Acid Storm (Lime)

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Virtue Spire V Loader - Acid Storm (Lime)

The Spire V represents over a decade of relentless development by the top-selling high-end loader brand in paintball, setting a record for longevity and performance in the sport. This loader combines historical dominance with modern technology to offer fast, jam-proof performance that’s easier to use, more responsive, reliable, and robust than ever.

At the heart of the Spire V’s technology are dual sensors that blend accelerometer and triple infrared sensor technology, ensuring seamless operation of the Spire drive system. This setup provides precise shot and ball detection throughout the feeding process, guaranteeing that the loader responds quickly and efficiently both in testing and actual field conditions.

Operation is straightforward with the Spire V; turn it on and it's ready to go, eliminating the need for programming or adjustments. The intuitive use is supported by a decade of software refinement specific to paintball loaders.

The loader’s durability is enhanced with an upgraded dual shell lock system. Despite its sleek appearance, the new design is built to withstand aggressive play. Whether sliding, diving, or taking heavy impacts, the Spire V’s structure stays securely locked.

The Spire V is exceptionally gentle on paint. Its design accommodates every kind of paintball, from the most brittle to oddly shaped ones. Flexible rubber fingers actively prevent jams and ensure a smooth feed, maintaining consistent firing without interruptions.

Maintaining the Spire V is hassle-free with its toolless hinged shells that allow quick access for battery changes or cleaning, and a secure locking system that remains tightly closed but is easy to open when needed. Similarly, the Spire drive and tray can be easily removed without tools for quick cleaning, ensuring the loader remains in peak condition.

Each Spire V also includes a color-matched CrownSF II Speed Feed, which features removable spring fingers that stay secure through every dive and breakout. A rain lid is also included, enhancing the loader’s versatility in different weather conditions.

Constructed from robust glass-filled nylon, the Spire V’s lightweight yet durable design can withstand almost any level of abuse, making it a premier choice for serious paintball players who demand the best in performance and resilience.


  • Dual sensors ensure precise paintball detection
  • Turn on and go
  • Dual shell lock technology
  • Exceptionally gentle on paint so you can shoot brittle paint
  • Jam-free operation
  • Toolless hinged shells for easy maintenance
  • Toolless removable drive tray
  • Solor-matched CrownSF II Speed Feed
  • Robust glass-filled nylon construction
  • Lightweight and durable


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Additional Information

Short Description:

Battery: 3AA - Sold Separately

Compatibility: Fits Standard Universal Feedneck

Capacity: 200 Rounds

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