Virtue VIO Ascend Goggle - Crystal Black

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  • Virtue VIO Ascend Goggle - Crystal Black
  • Virtue VIO Ascend Goggle - Crystal Black
  • Virtue VIO Ascend Goggle - Crystal Black


Virtue VIO Ascend Paintball Goggle - Crystal Black

Experience unmatched clarity and comfort with the Virtue VIO Ascend Paintball Goggle, tailored for both casual enthusiasts and competitive players. This high-performance goggle combines superior protection and visibility on the field with a design that emphasizes user comfort and communication.

The Virtue VIO Ascend features a large, distortion-free, dual-pane thermal lens that resists fogging, ensuring clear vision even during intense gameplay. With an anti-scratch coating, the lens remains clear and functional after repeated use, while its expanded field of view allows players to maintain awareness of their surroundings without compromising safety.

Enhancing comfort, the Ascend includes a lightweight, 100% flexible face mask that adapts to various face shapes. It’s equipped with replaceable multi-layer eye foam that seals out dirt and moisture efficiently, providing a snug yet comfortable fit. The mask’s design also promotes better ventilation and easier breathing, crucial for extended periods of play.

The goggle is designed to facilitate communication on the field, transmitting voice clearly thanks to its strategic venting system that also helps in reducing moisture buildup inside the mask. Lightweight and comfortable, the Virtue VIO Ascend Paintball Goggle stands out as a reliable choice for players looking to elevate their game with equipment that offers visibility, protection, and superior on-field performance.


  • Hinge Lock™ Quick Change Lens
  • Streamlined Facemask Coverage
  • 100% Flexible Facemask
  • Ventilates and Breathes Easier
  • Transmits Voice Better
  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Replaceable Multi-Layer Eye Foam
  • Distortion Free, Large Lens
  • Snap On Replaceable Straps And Ear Pads
  • Scratch Resistant Lens Coating
  • Anti-Fog, Dual Pane, Thermal Lens
  • Chromatic Lenses Available
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