9v Battery - Energy Paintball

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9v Battery - Energy Paintball

The perfect paintball battery! These 9v batteries answer the specifc needs of paintball markers. Featuring the highest amperage for 9v Akaline batteries: 1100mAh.

Battery Care Tips:

  • Allow batteries to come to room temperature before charging
  • Never attempt to charge a battery in below freezing temperatures
  • Do not exceed the recommended charging time
  • Do not charge your device on soft surfaces, such as a couch or bed. Soft surfaces can trap heat around the battery
  • Use your battery charger in a place you can keep an eye on it in case it overheats
  • Use the charger that came with your device. If you need to buy or replace a charger, make sure the voltage and current are compatible with your device
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9v Battery - Energy Paintball

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