Battery CR1620

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Battery CR1620

Maximize the performance of your red dot sights and scopes with the CR1620 battery, specifically designed to power devices with illuminated reticles. This 3-volt lithium battery is essential for shooters who rely on precision optics in varying light conditions.

The CR1620 is renowned for its long-lasting power and stability, which is crucial for maintaining optimal functionality in high-demand devices like red dot sights and illuminated scopes. Its high energy density ensures that your aiming systems remain lit and accurate, whether you're in a dim environment or under bright sunlight.

This coin cell battery is compact and lightweight, fitting discreetly into your optical devices without adding bulk or affecting balance. Its reliable performance and low self-discharge rate make it an ideal choice for maintaining consistent illumination, giving you a clear visual advantage during critical moments.

Perfect for hunters, competitive shooters, and tactical operators, the CR1620 battery helps ensure that your sights are always ready and responsive. Keep a spare on hand to swap in quickly and maintain precision in your optics at all times, ensuring that you never miss a target due to power failure. Whether you're on the range or in the field, the CR1620 battery is your go-to source for powering sophisticated illuminated reticles.


  • 3 Volt battery capacity
  • Replacement battery for red dot sights and and scopes with illumicated reticles
  • Easy to operate - it's a battery
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