GI Sportz Paintballs

GI Sportz Paintballs

G.I. SPORTZ was founded by a group of Professional Paintball Players and Business Owners with the goal of delivering the Player, Dealer and Field Owner the most innovative products designed to improve the level of performance, quality and overall playing experience surpassing all other Brands and Manufacturers in the history of the game we all love! Our Staff use their extensive playing experience and business knowledge to create innovative new products evolving and elevating the game to new heights.

GI Sportz paintballs are avaiable in different grades.

1 Star is a recreational grade paintball, which typically has a tougher shell so it is suited for use with blowback paintball guns, like Tippmanns and Spyders.

2 Star offers a better grade of recreational ball. The shell colors are brighter, they tend to be rounder than 1 Star, and they also tend to be less tough. 2 Star is the best all-round paintball for recreational use, and worth the little extra you pay for a case. Suitable for blowback paintball guns.ui

3 Star offers a tournament-grade of paintball. Rounder, with bright, harder to wipe fill, and a more fragile shell, 3 Star is best shot from higher-end paintball guns, and is not suitable for use with blowback paintball guns like Tippmanns and Spyders.

Frostbite is a Winter-formula paintball with a tough shell and a fill formuation that allows it to withstand sub-zero temperatures. Best suited for play when the temperatures are hovering a couple of degrees above Celsius, or and especially when they below zero.

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