Ninja PRO V3 4.5k Regulator

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Ninja PRO V3 4.5k Regulator

The PRO V3 series of regulators takes the already very popular and innovative PRO V2 regulator and improves upon it even further.

Elevate your air system performance with the Ninja PRO V3 4.5k Regulator, a pinnacle of innovation designed for the most demanding airsoft and paintball enthusiasts. This regulator sets the standard for precision, durability, and adaptability, ensuring optimal operation under any condition.

Built with high-grade, aircraft-quality aluminum, the Ninja PRO V3 is both lightweight and exceptionally durable. Its robust construction is designed to withstand the rigors of competitive play, offering peace of mind that your air system is equipped with a regulator that can handle intense action.

One of the standout features of the Ninja PRO V3 4.5k Regulator is its rotational collar. This innovative design ensures that you can align gauges and fill nipples so that they do not dig into your wrist.

The built-in SRT piston – Sonic Recharge Technology piston – provides rapid recharge rates, minimizing shootdown.

This regulator, like all Ninja regulators, also features Ninja's New Pin style output. this improves and offers increased flow over other regs.

This regulator is available with either a durable Stainless-steel or aluminum bonnet, mini fill valve and micro gauge. 


  • 30% Increased Flow
  • Improved Seal Integrity
  • Rotational 360 Degree Bonnet
  • Pressure Adjustable With Included Shims
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Ninja PRO V3 4.5k Regulator

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