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Specna Arms E19 Daniel Defense MK18 EDGE Airsoft Rifle Black

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  • Specna Arms E19 Daniel Defense MK18 EDGE Airsoft Rifle Black
  • Orion Geabox


The Specna Arms EDGE series is a full-metal line of AEG airsoft rifles designed to meet the expectations experienced airsoft players.

Manufactuered under license of Daniel Defense, legendary real-steel gun manufacturer, the EDGE line features high-end components like GATE and ORION.

The full-metal receiver and shroud of the EDGE series from Specna have a Nano coating to prevent scratches. 

The ESA (Easy Spring Access) quick-change spring system allows you to change your spring simply, in under a minute, without removing the gearbox.

The version 2 ORION gearbox is reinforced and ready to take an M140 spring, and features 8mm bearings, shimmed steel gears, lightweight polycarbonate piston with steel teeth, aluminum cylinder head, aluminum nozzle with O-Ring to reduce air loss, reinforced polymer piston head with ball bearing, and an adjustable rotary style hop-up with Helium Flat Hop.

The pre-installed GATE X-ASR MOSFET is the world's first 4th generation MOSFET protected against reverse polarity, preventing damage to the motor and the MOSFET from a polarity change if the battery is installed the wrong way. The GATE X-ASR saves space because it eliminates the need for an additional regular fuse. The smart fuse protects the MOSFET in case of a motor jam, and will turn off the MOSFET to prevent overheating. 


  • Quick-change ESA spring system
  • Precision 6.03mm inner barrel for increased accuracy
  • GATE X-ASR MOSFET pre-installed
  • Daniel Defense licensed with individual serial number
  • Full-metal receiver with nano coating to prevent scratches
  • Full-metal DANIEL DEFENSE shroud with full-length top Picatinny mounting rail
  • KEYMOD Picatinny mounting rails for mounting accessories
  • Removeable Picatinny vertical foregrip for better handling
  • Full-metal barrel assembly, charging handle, flash hider
  • Flip-up front and rear sights
  • Multi-position adjustable stock
  • 2 x 125 round Mid-Cap magazine (s-MAG)
  • Velocity 390 fps
  • Reinforced version 2 ORION gearbox with 8mm bearings, steel gears, polycarbonate piston with steel teeth
  • Adjustable rotary-style Hop-up with Helium Flat Hop
  • LiPO battery ready (not included). Uses 64VIC1100H20C-7.4V21 or 64LANLT7.4V1000N20C with included Deans-to-Tamiya connector.
  • Recommended Charger: 62VICVBC002
  • Rear-wired with Deans connector


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