TAGinn AFG-6 Airsoft Grenade (6 Pack)

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  • TAGinn AFG-6 Airsoft Grenade (6 Pack)
  • TAGinn AFG-6 Airsoft Grenade (6 Pack) Pack of 6 Image


Only Available at the Badlands Toronto Megastore

TAGinn AFG-6 Airsoft Grenade (6 Pack)

The AFG-6 is a training pyrotechnic hand grenade.  It filled with dried peas, and made of foamed polyurethane and cardboard body.

Elevate your tactical gameplay with the TAGinn AFG-6 Airsoft Grenade, available in a convenient 6-pack set. These grenades are expertly crafted to provide an immersive and dynamic element to airsoft battles, offering both realism and reliability for serious enthusiasts and tactical trainers.

The TAGinn AFG-6 grenades are designed to simulate a realistic explosion effect with a safe, non-lethal output, making them perfect for airsoft games and tactical training exercises.

Activation of the AFG-6 is straightforward and safe, with a pull-pin mechanism that mirrors the operation of a real grenade, adding to the authenticity of your tactical scenarios. The compact design allows for easy carrying and quick deployment, ensuring you can react swiftly in the heat of battle.

The TAGinn AFG-6 Airsoft Grenade pack is an essential addition for players who want to bring a higher level of strategy and realism to their games. Perfect for team play, training sessions, or solo practice, these grenades provide an effective way to control areas and manage opponents, adding depth and intensity to your tactical engagements. Whether you’re staging a complex battlefield scenario or honing your tactical skills, the AFG-6 grenades are your go-to choice for enhancing the realism and excitement of airsoft combat.

*Must be 18 years+ to purchase. Only for use in paintball, airsoft and tactical applications as well as for special effects in film productions. Safety precautions must be followed at all times. Must wear eye and ear protection when using this product. May not be transferred to minors. Government photo ID required for purchase. 

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