TAGinn FBG-6 Flash Bang Grenade (6 Pack)

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  • TAGinn FBG-6 Flash Bang Grenade (6 Pack)
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Only Available at the Badlands Toronto Megastore

TAGinn FBG-6 Flash Bang Grenade (6 Pack)

Experience the thrill of realistic tactical operations with the TAGinn FBG-6 Flash Bang Grenade, now available in a convenient 6-pack. Designed for serious airsoft enthusiasts and tactical trainers, these grenades provide a realistic simulation of flash bang effects, enhancing the authenticity and intensity of your training or gameplay.

The TAGinn FBG-6 Flash Bang Grenades are engineered to mimic the disorienting flash and loud report of a real flash bang, but without the danger. They are perfect for use in airsoft matches and tactical exercises, allowing players and trainees to experience and adapt to the sensory effects of flash bangs in a controlled and safe environment.

Easy to use, each grenade features a reliable pull-pin ignition mechanism with 2 second delay that ensures a consistent and safe activation. The compact design makes them easy to carry and deploy quickly, adding a strategic advantage when timing and positioning are crucial.

Built with durability in mind, the FBG-6 grenades are robust enough to withstand the rigors of intense scenarios. Whether thrown into a room or across rough terrain, these grenades maintain their integrity and performance.

The TAGinn FBG-6 Flash Bang Grenade pack is essential for any tactical game player or trainer looking to elevate the realism of their scenarios. They are especially useful in team-based drills or games where coordination and communication are tested under stress. Use them to clear rooms, disorient opponents, or simulate entry tactics safely and effectively. This pack is an invaluable tool for enhancing tactical training, providing both the feel and impact of real-world operations in a safe and controlled airsoft or training environment.

*Must be 18 years+ to purchase. Only for use in paintball, airsoft and tactical applications as well as for special effects in film productions. Safety precautions must be followed at all times. Must wear eye and ear protection when using this device. May not be transferred to minors. Government photo ID required for purchase. 

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