ASG CZ P-09/P-07 Holster Black (2023 version)

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ASG CZ P-09/P-07 Holster Black (2023 version)

Discover the next level of holster innovation with the ASG CZ P-09/P-07 Holster Black (2023 version) Tactical Quick Release Holster, meticulously engineered from durable, high-tech black polymer for enduring reliability. This holster revolutionizes the way you carry, offering a full 360-degree rotation that locks securely in place every 9 degrees, catering to a multitude of carry positions including the small of the back, cross draw, and side draw, ensuring optimal fit and comfort for any application.

Central to its design is a robust release/lock lever, guaranteeing that your weapon remains securely fastened within the holster under all conditions. This feature is paramount for those who find themselves in dynamic and demanding situations, requiring both quick access and unwavering security for their sidearm.

Accommodating a wide range of wearers, the holster comes with a versatile paddle mount suitable for belts up to 42 mm in width or direct pant waist attachment, ideal for concealed carry preferences. The paddle itself is designed with a rubberized back to enhance comfort and ensure a non-slip grip against fabric, maintaining the holster's position and stability throughout varied movements.

Additionally, the holster is thoughtfully designed with precise cuts in the slide area, accommodating weapons outfitted with high sights, optics, or other modifications. This attention to detail ensures a seamless fit and quick draw capability, regardless of your weapon’s customization.

The ASG CZ P-09/P-07 Holster Black (2023 version) Tactical Quick Release Holster sets a new standard in personal sidearm security and accessibility, merging advanced material strength with innovative design features to support a wide array of carrying styles and weapon configurations. It's the ultimate choice for players of all levels seeking a reliable, adaptable holster that doesn't compromise on security or performance.

The holster fits these ASG airsoft pistol models: CZ P-07, P-09, P-09 OR, CZ75 and SP-01 Shadow.


  • Self-locking system
  • Easy retention
  • Ergonomic perfection
  • High-grade polymer for light weight and solid construction
  • Cuts to allow for high-sights and optics
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ASG CZ P-09/P-07 Holster Black (2023)

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