CZ P-09 .177 cal Pellet Magazine

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CZ P-09 .177cal Pellet/4.5mm BB Magazine

Ensure you have enough firepower at your fingertips with the CZ P-09 .177 Pellet/4.5mm BB Magazine. This magazine is specifically designed for the CZ P-09 CO2-powered .177 cal pellet/4.5mm BB airgun, providing a reliable and smooth feeding mechanism for your shooting sessions. This ingenious double-rotary magazine is designed to hold 16 .177 cal/4.5mm pellets or steel BBs, making it an essential accessory for both training and recreational shooting.

Always make sure you have spare magazines! Ingenious double rotary stick magazine with a 2x8 capacity (16 x .177 cal pellets/4.5mm BBs in total) for the CZ P-09.


  • Holds 16 .177 cal pellets or 4.5mm steel BBs
  • Double-rotary design
  • For use with the CZ P-09 GBB CO2 .177 Pellet/4.5mm BB Airgun (70ASG17537)
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CZ P-09 4.5mm Magazine

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