CZ P-09 GBB CO2 .177 Pellet/4.5mm BB Airgun

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CZ P-09 GBB CO2 .177 Pellet/4.5mm BB Airgun

The CZ P-09 stands out with its dynamic blowback feature, where the metal slide recoils with each shot fired, mimicking the movement of a real firearm. This action not only generates a convincing recoil sensation but also significantly enriches the overall shooting experience, making it feel remarkably authentic.

Precision is paramount with the CZ P-09, which features a rifled inner barrel suitable for firing pellets. This design enhances both range and accuracy, allowing for precise shots at greater distances. Complementing this capability is the intuitive 3-dot sight system, which facilitates rapid and effortless target acquisition, ensuring that shooters can quickly and accurately align their sights on the target.

Each pistol bears unique serial numbers and carries authentic CZ markings.

The CZ P-09 revolutionizes airgun technology with its innovative stick magazine design, capable of holding a 2x8 capacity of flat-head pellets. Powered by a 12g CO2 cartridge, this airgun ensures reliable and consistent performance, shot after shot. Its ergonomic design promises comfortable handling, making extended shooting sessions enjoyable without compromising on control or accuracy.

Whether you are training, competing, or engaging in recreational shooting, the CZ P-09 airgun is an exceptional choice that delivers quality, reliability, and a true-to-life shooting experience.


  • Ambidextrous 2-step safety with de-cocking
  • Blowback action
  • 3-dot sights
  • Picatinny tactical rail
  • Rifled barrel
  • Use flat head pellets or 4.5mm BBs only
  • Powered by 12g CO2 Cartridge (sold separately)
  • 16 Round capacity
  • Uses CZ P-09 .177 cal Pellet Magazine
  • Velocity: 360 fps
  • Ammo Type: .177 cal/4.5mm pellets or BBs
  • Holster: 13ASG19318

Note: Eye protection must be worn when operating any air gun. We recommend Pyramex Safety goggles.

*Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this productFor target practice only. Can cause serious harm, if not used as intended.

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Additional Information

Short Description:
  • Power: 12g CO2 Cartridge
  • Magazine Capacity: 16 Rounds
  • Velocity: 449 fps
  • Ammo Type: 4.5mm steel BBs
  • Magazine Type: CZ P-09 4.5mm BB Magazine
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