ASG Glock Holster Black (2023)

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ASG Glock Holster Black (2023 version)

Discover the 2023 version of the ASG Glock Holster in Black, crafted from a durable, high-tech black polymer that brings together robust protection and advanced functionality for Glock enthusiasts. This Tactical Quick Release holster stands out with its ability to rotate 360 degrees at every 9-degree increment, providing versatile fit options for every carrying preference, including small of back, cross draw, and side draw, etc.

Engineered for dynamic situations, the holster integrates a large release/lock lever, ensuring that your weapon remains securely in place, yet readily accessible when you need it most. It's designed to hold firm in the most demanding circumstances, giving you confidence in the security of your Glock pistol.

This holster is thoughtfully packaged with a standard paddle mount suitable for belts up to 42 mm in width or directly on the pant waist for those preferring concealed carry. The paddle mount is enhanced with a rubberized back, offering both comfort and a superior grip against clothing, ensuring the holster stays in place throughout your movements.

A notable feature of this holster is its accommodation for firearms with enhanced sights or optics. Strategic cuts in the slide area allow for the smooth holstering of weapons equipped with high sights or additional optical gear, making it a versatile choice for users with customized Glock setups.

Regardless of how you like to holster your pistol, the ASG Glock Holster Black (2023 version) is tailored to meet a wide range of needs. Its combination of a secure hold, quick release, and adaptability to various carry styles and weapon modifications makes it an indispensable piece of equipment for anyone serious about carrying their Glock in a practical, secure, and comfortable manner.


  • Self locking system
  • Easy retention
  • Ergonomic perfection
  • High grade polymer for light weight and solid construction
  • Cuts to allow for high-sights and optics
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ASG Glock Holster Black (2023)

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